A Year at Mathnasium of Parker!

Jan 16, 2024 | Parker

Q: What was your favorite math-success memory of 2023?

A: Aidan has made so much progress since joining Mathnasium last summer. He was not happy when his mother enrolled him, and would come in red-faced and try to avoid doing any math during his sessions. He is now excited to come in, and is using missing addends to calculate how many pages he has left until his next mastery check. He genuinely looks for any excuse to use the skills he's learning at Mathnasium in his day-to-day life. His mother has told us that he is also feeling great at school because he is able to help his fellow students.

Q: Tell us about a student who really worked hard in 2023

A: When Bailey came back to Mathnasium, after being with us over the summer, she viewed coming as a chore. But, when she saw more and more success in her class with her homework and tests, she attributed it to the work she put in at the center. She got a 96% on her final exam and finished with a B in geometry! She is now enjoying the results of her hard work, and now sees Mathnasium as a partner in her math success.

Q: What have you noticed about your student’s math ability this year?

A: I've used Mathnasium of Parker over the course of 10 to 12 years for both my kids. Allison and her team have been there to help them both. One of my kids graduated in 2022 with a B average. The other is currently enrolled and is excelling with the help of Mathnasium! He started this current school year and being able to help his peers was a huge confidence boost for him!- GA

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