Unfiltered: Real Parents’ Thoughts About Mathnasium of Surprise

Jun 15, 2024 | Surprise

Q: What was your initial impression of Mathnasium?

A: The instant turn around in attitude was astonishing! The kindness and helpfulness of the instructors has made my daughter actually start to like math. She is able to raise her hand in class feeling confident, which she couldn't do before she started Mathnasium.

Q: How has Mathnasium changed your child’s experience with math?

A: Hudson realized that it wasn't as bad as he thought. He did learn something during his sessions, and it was kind of fun! Now, he asks if he has Mathnasium that day.

Q: Has anything surprised you about Mathnasium?

A: I was surprised how involved the instructors are. They are answering questions and checking in on the kids constantly, and they are so patient! They can work with students at different levels at the same time. I never feel like my son is overlooked while he is there.

Q: What is your favorite result from Mathnasium?

A: I absolutely love the homework help. The instructors work through the homework each session, and Genevieve comes home understanding everything so much better. It has really helped with her schoolwork and attitude towards math.

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