What Can New Students Expect at Mathnasium of Surprise

May 15, 2024 | Surprise

Q: What is the first thing a new student would do upon entering Mathnasium?

A: The very first thing they do is meet our Center Director, Kylie. She walks them through checking in and introduces them to their instructor.

Q: What does the first session look like for new students?

A: On their first day, students are walked through check-in and shown where to find their binder. They are then introduced to their instructor for the day. We also show them their stamp sheets, where to find a pencil, and what's in their binders. After working on their Mathnasium sheets for 30 minutes, we switch to their homework! At the end of the session, we pack everything up and they could buy a prize if they earned enough stamps!

Q: Have you seen a student’s attitude towards math change?

A: Students change their attitude toward math so quickly after coming in to Mathnasium! Hayley was shy and not sure of herself when it came to math and multiplication. After coming in regularly, she started to feel more confident in what she knew. With just a few months' work, she was able to master her multiplication facts and bring her grades up at school! She continued to improve every session she came to the center.

Q: What do you wish students and parents knew before they brought their student to your center?

A: Students should know to bring in their homework, even if it's completed. That way, we can check what they did and review the concept with them. I wish parents knew how much the practice helps their students. Building on concepts one level at a time, at the students' pace, really helps them understand what they are learning.

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