The Story of Your Local Mathnasium - Villages of Westcreek

Jun 17, 2023 | Villages of Westcreek

1. When was your center/re’s grand opening??

A: Our center opened in July of 2020. It was a warm summer day and we were soooo happy to finally open our doors to the community.

2. Who is the owner/director of your center?

A: Reshma serves as our Center Director and brings expertise in multiple fields, including Biology, Information Systems, and Finance. Apart from her professional accomplishments, she finds joy in camping and spending quality time in nature, alongside her family and friends. It's worth mentioning that her own son is also a Mathnasium student, further demonstrating her personal commitment to the program.

3. What local schools does your center serve?

A: Basis Charter School, Behlau Elementary School, Bennie L. Cole, Bernal Middle School, Bob Lewis Elementary, Castroville Elementary School, Dr. Linda G. Mora Elementary, Ed Cody Elementary School, Galm Elementary School, Great Hearts Western Hills, Gregory Luna Middle School, Harmony Science Academy, Henderson Elementary School, Herbert G. Boldt Elementary School, Home Schooled, IDEA Mays Charter School, John M Harlan High School, John Paul Stevens High School, Langley Elementary School, Legacy Traditional School, Lieck Elementary School, Loma Alta Middle School, Luckey Ranch Elementary School, Mary Burns Michael Elementary School, Mary Lou Fisher Elementary School, Medina Valley Elementary School, Medina Valley Middle School, Nora Forester Elementary School, Ott Elementary School, Pleasanton Elementary School, Potranco Elementary School, Robert L. Vale Middle School, School of Science and Technology, Science and Engineering School, St. Louis Catholic School, The Christian School at Castle Hills, The Gathering Place, Villarreal Elementary School, Virginia A. Myers Elementary School, Wernli Elementary School, William J. Brennan High School

4. What are parents saying about your center?

A: Here are the testimonials from the parents:

"My kid's math grade skyrocketed! He was barely holding on, but now he maintains an A or B and says the work is too easy! And of course, everyone is so incredibly nice! " - A.Z.

"Our kid loves math now. We have seen a drastic improvement in her grades and attitude with math. I highly recommend Mathnasium to family and friends." - M.L.

"Love what they do. My child is improving. Not a penny waisted!!" - I.R.

"Reshma is professional and understanding of change of schedules. Our son has grown by being in their program with the expectation of exceeding grade level performance. Our goal has been to not comply with the 'everyone is behind because of COVID' mentality and the team has delivered by getting him back in the right direction." - G.S.