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All sessions are 60 minutes, masks are currently required for all guests at our center

News from Mathnasium of Littleton

Don't Be Alarmed if Your Child Doesn't Beg for Extra Math Lessons . . . . at First

Jun 28, 2016

Kids may ask to take karate, dance, or violin lessons. Few ask for math lessons. Most of our students started because their parents made them. And we doubt most of them jumped for joy when they found out they would be attending our center, Mathnasium of Littleton - particularly over the summer.

Parents are impressed with our results and the mountains of research confirming the effectiveness of our curriculum and methods. Plus, parents love ending the homework battles. But kids? They are a tougher audience.

“Math is Fine, but the Prizes are Great!”
Thankfully, at Mathnasium of Littleton we have figured out how to win kids over too.  Kids get rewarded for coming in, setting goals, and working hard. Rewards range from small things like candy to larger items like gift cards and hoodies. The reward system makes going to Mathnasium fun for even the most reluctant math students. Usually after the first few sessions, the kids realize that Mathnasium of Littleton is actually kind of fun. Or, in the words of one eleven-year-old boy, “the math is fine, but the prizes are great!”

And since the pace, instruction style,  and the level of the instruction is tailored to each child, your child can earn rewards no matter whether they are behind grade level, on grade level, or accelerated.

Let Suzie Explain How Students Can Increase Their Odds of Winning $100
If your child is part of the 20% of the kid population who loves doing math, great! Bring them in and we will make sure they keep their enthusiasm.  But if your kid is one of the many who only enter our program reluctantly, do not despair. They have plenty of company. Our great instruction, caring instructors and brimming rewards cabinet usually convert kid skeptics into kids who actually ask to go back to Mathnasium of Littleton.

When you bring your child in for the assessment, Suzie will show him or her the rewards available. She will also describe how to get entered into the drawing for $100. Hint: kids who work hard for math accuracy at school and at Mathnasium get more entries into the drawing. Give us a call today to set up a no risk assessment and get a peek at the rewards. (303) 979-9077

This article was written by and owned by Cuttlefish Copywriting. It is copyright protected. Mathnasium of Littleton has permission to use it. Other Mathnasium locations should contact Heather at or  before using it.