Why Parents Love Mathnasium's Summer Program

May 9, 2021 | Red Deer

Red Deer parent

Why do parents choose to enroll their students in Mathnasium during the summer? Let's hear from one of our parents, Becky, who chose to keep her son involved in Mathnasium throughout the summer months. 

"Hi! I'm Becky Seymour, mother of Jackson, a 5th grade student who is currently enrolled in Mathnasium. I intend to keep Jackson enrolled in Mathnasium throughout the summer for 3 main reasons:

1. I don't want my son to spend extra time in front of a screen this summer. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends only 1 hour of screen time per day, so Jackson and I need to find other activities to fill up his schedule. Mathnasium's summer camps were a perfect fit!

2. I don't want Jackson to lose the momentum he's gained with Mathnasium. I love to see the progress he has made with his math tutor. He is finishing math class strong this year (for the first time- yay!) and I want him ready and confident when school starts this fall. 

(Many students experience what is referred to as "the summer slide,” or the loss of academic understanding during the summer months. You can read more about the summer slide here.)

3. This momma loves a schedule! Mathnasium summer programs offer a perfect balance of structure for our summer days. I've noticed that when my kids keep a routine throughout summer they are much more prepared when school starts in the fall.

Thanks Mathnasium!"- Becky Seymour

If you're like Becky and you want to see the benefits that Mathnasium of Red Deer's summer camps offer, then enroll today! Mathnasium provides a safe, structured way to keep kids engaged with math all year long. Our summer schedule will fill up fast, so save a spot for your child today. We can't wait to share our summer with your student!