Why Math is NOT Like Riding A Bike

Jun 21, 2021 | Red Deer

Remember the old adage, “It’s just like riding a bike!”? Meaning, of course, that when a skill is once learned it is never forgotten, despite long absences of use. Well, Math understanding is definitely NOT like riding a bike. Just imagine the parent who tries to help their child with math homework and, despite having once learned it, cannot recall how to graph a linear equation. That parent might be left with bits and pieces of the original lesson, but ultimately, it will prove ineffectual. 

At Mathnasium of Red Deer, we feel like learning Math is better compared to a living plant. It needs constant nourishment to continue thriving. You can’t forget about a houseplant for 3 months and expect to find it growing. Rather, Mathnasium offers constant, consistent nourishment for students.

Professor Jo Boaler from Stanford Graduate School of Education explains, “The best way for students to know math facts is to use them regularly and develop an understanding of numerical relations.” Notice that Professor Boaler doesn’t recommend taking long absences from practicing math. She encourages “regular use” to see the best results. 

Research also shows that consistency is much better than intensity when it comes to math. In his popular blog, Jon Orr says, “It’s the things you do every day that matter. Those are the things that will build (what) you are looking for. Routine and Consistency are what will drive change… in student learning.”

Math bike

At Mathnasium of Red Deer, we create an environment of success by offering consistent, encouraging help to our Math students. Do you feel like your student is ready for an upgrade with math help? Call us today!

We are primed and ready to begin a journey of math success with your child.