Why The Yang Family Chose Mathnasium

Jun 24, 2021 | Red Deer

This last school year had Maggie and Lin Yang feeling frustrated. The four children of the Yang household were frustrated too. Carly, 14, was attending a hybrid version of school with some in-person classes and some online. Carly's virtual math classes were hard for her to understand and often left her with gaps in her understanding. Frank,12, was solely homeschooled, and while he loved reading and history, he really hated his math lessons. He complained that he “just wasn't a math kid" and felt like he'd never be able to fully understand his math lessons. Two other children, Luke and Rita, were attending public school. 


Maggie says, "With virtual classes and unmotivated kids, I began to realize we needed something to supplement our kids' education." Maggie was getting tired of trying to force Frank to do his math lessons and Carly was becoming less and less engaged with her virtual math class. 

"That was when I saw an ad for Mathnasium of Red Deer," says Lin Yang. "The center was offering virtual and in-person classes, which was perfect for us." 

The Yang family started by enrolling their oldest two children, hoping to augment their efforts at home and school.

Carly was the first to see a difference. 

"I brought my homework from online school into my Mathnasium sessions and the instructors there helped me understand it. I finished my missing assignments from school and my grade went from a B- to an A-."

"Carly's confidence definitely got a boost,” Maggie noted, "Her math teacher from school even noticed and reached out to congratulate her."

Frank began his Mathnasium sessions as a skeptic. "I used to hate math," he said. "I like it more now since my instructors have helped me learn."

"I am so relieved that I don't have to force Frank to do math anymore!" gushed Maggie. "Outsourcing his math lessons has been a real lifesaver." Frank’s dislike of Math was simply a lack of understanding. When his Mathnasium Instructors identified where Frank’s “math gaps” were, they were able to teach him the concepts he was missing. “Frank responded best to kinesthetic learning,” said Maggie, “which was something I wasn’t providing through homeschool. His Mathnasium Instructors are excellent as they teach him in the way he understands. Math doesn’t frustrate him anymore.”

Lin and Maggie were so pleased with the progress from Frank and Carly that they opted to enroll the younger kids as well. Lin says, "Now that we see what a difference it makes, we feel like all our kids should attend Mathnasium."

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