Using Calculators Yes or No?

Nov 12, 2021 | Red Deer

It was the first session of a grade 11 student. His first math problem was: what is half of 140? And right away he asked: “Can I use a calculator?”

The goal of having math ability is not just to get the correct answers but to be able to develop skills that they can use later.

Relying heavily on calculators can cripple a student’s math skills. They replace basic mental arithmetic. Students can get lost easily when teacher explains how to solve a math problem and they will go “wait how did he gets that number?”

Students can also lose their sense of judgment and critical & logical thinking, which are very important in math application: they may know a straight math operation but cannot figure out how to come to that equation (problem solving).

I’ve heard a parent say “but this is the era of gadget, everyone uses a gadget – so I let my kid using it” and his kid is only in grade 3! By doing this your child will only learn how to do data entry, and not developing math skills.

There are times and places for calculator use, but in most cases, the best calculator a child can use is the one right between their ears!

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