Is being good at math a natural talent? Or an acquired skill?

Jan 6, 2022 | Red Deer


Whether you feel you are “talented” in math or not, here is actually the differentiating factor: Your attitude about math! Talent can only take you that far, but it is the effort that can take you to a higher level.

We have seen potential students who refuse to put more effort, and we have seen others who are not as potential but have the GRIT to pursue their goals. The result? Slowly but sure, the ones who are committed are progressing; and the ones who refuse to put more effort are just stuck there.

Yes, in the early grades a high IQ generally matters, but according to research published in Child Development, it turns out that natural talent will only get you so far. So what makes the difference?

  • Hard work: motivation influenced by a desire to better understand the math concept ended up improving more than those that were more interested in getting better grades.
  • Study habits: understanding a math concept will positively impact one's math skills, compared to relying on memorization without knowing the connections between numbers.

Resilience matters. A lot. A child cannot just improve their math skills overnight, but they need to put consistent effort and build good study habits. That is why at Mathnasium we have this membership program because it takes time to build your child’s brain muscles to become stronger. Just like in a gym, you cannot build muscles by just going to the gym once a week or every other week for an hour.

Mathnasium gives your child the right materials and instructions which gives them deep understanding about math concepts as opposed to just memorization, so that they can build positive study habits. Combined with your child’s positive attitude about math, the result will last a life time.


Mathnasium of Red Deer is your neighbourhood’s math only learning centre, and we can help your child forming good study habits! Our centre director, Riwan Prasatya, would be happy to meet you! We are conveniently located in the shopping destination area in Red Deer: 5250 22nd St, Unit 30 B – at the Gaetz Avenue Crossing shopping centre, in the same area as Chapters Indigo/Starbucks, Michael Arts, Petland and Ashley, and the phone number is 403-872 MATH (6284).

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