What are the TWO THINGS Successful Students have in common?

Jan 20, 2022 | Red Deer

Succesful Student


We pick our student of the month not just because of their math performance, but also for their appropriate behaviour. Good behaviour drives good performance. So, what are the typical two things we find in their good behaviour?


  • Resilience

Resilience helps them to face new challenges; math problems are not static, and children who are not easily give in are the ones who always try to find new solutions. Yes they ask questions, but they don’t easily feel intimidated when they see long divisions, factoring, word problems, etc. They are also not afraid to go outside their comfort zone, and even seem to enjoy it.

Resilience drives creativity, which is very important in problem solving. In one session, for example, this third grader was trying to solve how many nickels there are in 70 cents. He thought for a moment and then said, “Oh I know! I will try to find how many 10s in 70 and then split the 10s into two 5s!!”


  • Good Attendance

Whether there is heavy snow or rain, they show up. They know that consistent attendance is important. Studies have shown that good attendance and good achievement go hand in hand. Our math skills are like a muscle, use them or lose them! You cannot practice just one hour per week and expect you will have strong math brain muscles.

Even with an arm in a cast, Lily managed to still show up for her sessions. No ride? No problem; Seth – also a student of ours – would come by bus or scooter. And besides having fun, summer is a good time to catch up and maintain learning momentum.


And all of that is so rewarding at the end. They gain more confidence, improve their grades .. and bottom line: they are happier!

Your child can achieve the same success too – just like our students Lily, Seth, etc. Contact us today for a free assessment!


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