Stopping problems before they start

Apr 28, 2022 | Red Deer

Mathnasium Teaching Method's emphasis on “Preemptive Teaching” - the art and science of preventing problems before they develop in the first place - will prevent students, even strong ones, from making common mistakes.


Have you read our blog “Five common misconceptions”? Let’s explore other common mistakes students develop during their mathematics education.

  1. Doesn’t know that per Cent means “for each 100”
  2. Confuses ½% (less than 1%) with 50% (half of the whole) and ¼% with 25%
  3. Knows that 50%= ½ = 0.5 and 25% = ¼ = 0.25, but doesn’t know why
  4. Knows that ½ = 50% and that ¼ = 25% but doesn’t know that 1/3 = 33 1/3 %
  5. Can’t straight away answer the question, “How many eights make one whole?” and doesn’t know 100% means “the whole thing”.

Do you think these are simple concepts that only struggling students would make? Not at all; we often see strong students do the same. This is because they don’t have strong understanding about the concept. Why? Because the way it was taught or learned didn’t stimulate the growth of their number sense.  And in middle school, before their brains are well equipped with strong number sense, they are allowed to use a calculator, which some kids grow their reliance on. Too often we hear a student says they can’t do a simple math problem – like 60 plus 18 or half of 90 – without a calculator or paper and pencil.

A unique aspect of the Mathnasium Teaching Method is the emphasis put on “Preemptive Teaching”, the art and science of preventing problems before they develop in the first place. We help students fill their “missing items” in an orderly fashion.  How we deliver it? Simple: we teach for understanding. Instead of coaching students to rely on memorization, rote learning, or calculators, our highly trained instructors use multiple approaches so children learn in ways that make sense to them.

As we all know, math skills are essential for life skills. But math is not just about numbers, equations, computations or algorithms: it is about understanding. Teaching them understanding is what makes Mathnasium stands above.

Don’t wait until your child shows any of the above misconceptions, stop problems before they start.


Mathnasium of Red Deer is your neighbourhood’s math-only learning centre, and we are here to help your child. Our centre director, Riwan, and the whole team, would be happy to meet you! We are conveniently located in the shopping destination area in Red Deer: 5250 22nd St, Unit 30 B – at the Gaetz Avenue Crossing shopping centre, in the same area as Chapters Indigo/Starbucks, Michael Arts, Petland and Ashley, and the phone number is 403-872 MATH (6284). 

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