Oct 1, 2022 | Red Deer

You invest in your child’s future by sending them to us. So how to optimize your investment to ensure it’s worth it?

  1. Having a growth mindset
  2. Consistent attendance
  3. Bring their school work
  4. Enjoy the learning environment.



Having a growth mindset

Some kids are being too hard on themselves; they feel down when they make mistakes. We always say that it’s ok to make mistakes because that’s part of learning; what’s not ok is not trying. Talking too much in class, or just daydreaming most of the time are not ok because it means you are not trying. It’s ok to take a break once in a while – the brain deserves a break too, but don't make it the big chunk of your time here. Prepare their growth mindset: that’s when they focus and work hard, success will come.

Consistent attendance

Just like any other aspects in life, consistent practice is the key to math learning. Especially at Mathnasium, we focus on the process and not just the results, so we ensure we teach deep understanding and not just getting the right answers. That’s why we don’t give homework to kids as we want kids to know different strategies and use the way that makes most sense, ensuring they grow their number sense. If your kid skips too many classes, they will miss the opportunity to maintain and grow their math skills.

Bring their school work

Don’t hesitate to bring their homework or any materials they need to prepare for the school exam. Even though your child may still have to catch up to their current math grade, we will try our best to help them and may give them additional prescriptive to bridge their knowledge. However, to make their time with us productive, students need to try to solve them first before coming here, and discuss things that they don’t understand. Doing the homework at the centre would waste their precious time.  Also, better not to wait until the last minute like the day before the exam day, so they’d have time to practice and still have a chance to ask questions again.

Enjoy the learning environment

Enjoy the moment! Kids make friends with other kids at our centre; they enjoy each other’s company – and we notice some kids are more energized and work harder when there are other kids. At our centre, math games are played quite often according to their age/level. These games can reinforce their understanding of math concepts and accelerate their process of learning. By playing games, students can also learn from each other. Who doesn’t like to have a fun experience when learning something? 😊

Last but not least, keep open communication with us. You are welcome to book a meeting with us, or having a quick chat when dropping them off or picking them up.


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