Give The Gift of Confidence This Christmas

Dec 23, 2019 | Saskatoon

If you’re wondering what to give the children in your life for Christmas this year, you are not alone. Choosing the perfect gift can be challenging whether you’re shopping for younger children or teens and quite often they already have everything.

Today’s young people have significantly more material possessions than ever before. Families are overloaded with too much stuff, prompting “experience giving” as the new gift-giving trend..

Experience giving is all about finding ways to enrich a child’s life through learning, doing and growing, rather than with more things. Many families are taking unique trips, focusing on quality time, or are giving gifts that allow them to share moments and learn together. Another popular option are gifts that support extended development of skills in activities the child enjoys or may be struggling to master. While this may apply to art, music and sports, it’s also a great opportunity to focus on a child’s education.

For most students, math skills make a big impact on their day to day learning experience. If they excel in math, they find excitement in time spent with new ideas, but for many, math can be a source of anxiety and a lack of proficiency may be holding them back in various areas. The gift of math tutoring can help the children you love to cement key skills that will make their school days easier and more fun, while reducing pressure and time spent on homework. Students working with a tutor build skills faster and more efficiently.

Mastering skills that improve understanding lead to more confident students. Who wouldn’t want to give the gift of confidence this Christmas?

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