Building Confidence for Back to School

Aug 28, 2020 | Saskatoon

Mathnasium does more than teach math - it boosts confidence. Saskatoon's Mathnasium team strives to foster a positive and encouraging learning environment for your child. This means that we hand-pick learning material that appropriately challenges your child to learn and develop their mathematical skills. Our instructors carefully monitor students while they work to help answer any questions they have and to guide them through challenging questions. Mathnasium students’ learning plans are split into bite-sized booklets that are simple and straightforward to work through, helping students to gain a sense of accomplishment with page. Also, students can earn prizes as they master the math skills on their learning plan. Our prizes help to motivate students to work hard and reward them for doing so. Ultimately, we believe that kids don't hate math; they hate feeling frusterated... and we're here to help! Go here to book a free assessment and see how Mathnasium can make a difference for your child.