Parents tell us why they enroll their kids at Mathnasium of Cedar Rapids

Oct 15, 2023 | Cedar Rapids

Q: Tell us why you enrolled your child at Mathnasium?

A: School was not challenging enough. He needed to work at a faster pace and higher level, and learn problem-solving skills on problems he doesn't automatically know the answer.

Q: What changes have you noticed in your child since enrolling them at Mathnasium?

A: He is more engaged and excited about math. He has a thirst for even more knowledge!

Q: What difference have you seen in your child’s grades or test scores?

A: His grades were already high but his standardized test scores have gone higher!

Q: Did you like doing math homework with your student? Do the instructors at Mathnasium help your child with homework now?

A: My child rarely has homework but when he does, his discussions with the Mathnasium Instructors make the homework meaningful. They help relate it to real life.

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