What Can New Students Expect at Mathnasium of Cherry Hills

May 15, 2024 | Cherry Hills

Q: What is the first thing a new student would do upon entering Mathnasium?

A: New students get to meet their instructor for the day first! They've already gotten to see all of our rewards after their assessment so now they get to meet the people!

Q: What does the first session look like for new students?

A: First sessions for students are after they've taken their assessments. When they come, they get shown and introduced to who their instructor is for the day. After that, they get to color and design their binder spine which a lot of students really enjoy. When they're done with that, we get to the math, then we explain how their binder works and all of the extra rewards and things they can work to do!

Q: Have you seen a student’s attitude towards math change?

A: We have a student who first started saying that her brain was "broken" and she was dumb. She's been with us for several months now, has more confidence and enjoys working with us on her math skills!

Q: What do you wish students and parents knew before they brought their student to your center?

A: I wish that parents know that, try as we might, we are not an overnight fix for math gaps. It took time for gaps to happen, and it takes time for them to filled and get caught up. Coming consistently and letting us work through our program will absolutely get their student caught up, but it might take some time.

We'd like your new students to feel at home in Mathnasium too. Visit our website for more information today!