Instructor spotlight: Justin Nguyen

Jan 8, 2021 | Garden Grove

Allow us to introduce Justin Nguyen! Justin is one of our very talented instructors who makes a difference in our students’ lives everyday. Justin is a ”math guy” through and through. He loves to help students understand not only how to solve math problems, but the reasoning behind it. Let’s go ahead and get to know Justin a bit more!


Q: Hey Justin, thanks for taking time to do this. What school are you currently attending?

I am currently attending UCLA and am majoring in Chemistry.


Q: Oh nice! What do you want to do with that major?

After graduating UCLA with my bachelor’s degree in Chemistry at UCLA, I plan to apply to medical school afterwards, probably taking a gap year to prepare. I am planning to do some research in the chemistry department in the meantime


Q: Seems like you like academics a lot. Did you have a favorite or least favorite subject in school?

My favorite subject in school was definitely math. As I kept learning about new concepts, it was as if I was exploring new caves. I was always very motivated to talk about it and discover its real world applications. My least favorite subject was probably English. Initially, the themes and tones in English writing felt too abstract for me to grasp. It was difficult to understand the nuances in reading and writing, and it didn’t appeal to me like math did. 


Q: What part of math intrigues you the most?

The most intriguing part has to be problem solving. Being able to use logic and come up with a solution to certain problems is a satisfying experience. There are so many intricacies to math that it becomes amazing to see it come together and create relationships. It can be grueling and a painful process at times, but once you have that “aha” moment, you will be hooked onto math.


Q: Let's move to some more personal questions. What hobbies do you have?

Some of my personal hobbies include playing basketball, jamming on the piano, and chilling with video games. I also watch TV/anime from time to time.


Q: What are your favorite TV shows or video games?

A: Some of my favorite TV shows are probably the Office and the Mandalorian. I have been watching more anime recently, however. Favorite video games would probably have to be Super Smash Bros., Pokemon, and Minecraft. Nowadays, I tend to play League of Legends or Valorant.


Q: If you can bring one thing with you on a deserted island, what would you bring?

A frying pan. Why? It can fend off any intruders, be used to cook a nice steak, and can serve as a tool to teach the circumference of a circle. What more can you ask for?


Q: That would be both useful and educational! Let's finish with one last math question. What's your favorite part about working at Mathnasium?

The best part about the job is definitely the students. Every time I come to work at Mathnasium, it is always a joy to be able to work with them. It's not simply teaching them concepts, but also engaging them and having them actively participating in learning about math that makes my experience very worthwhile. It always puts a smile on my face to help students dive into math and have them realize their own math capabilities.