Start the School Year Right with Mathnasium of Garden Grove

Aug 17, 2021 | Garden Grove

Move over, summertime--back to school season’s here!

If you’re reading this, you probably want to make sure your student succeeds this school year, so let us lead with this: Mathnasium will help your student achieve their academic goals! 

Perhaps you’re looking to avoid repeating the academic struggles of years past...

Or maybe you want your student to pull ahead of the crowd at school…

Or you just want to be sure your student can stay on track this year.

Whatever your student’s challenges and goals, we’ve got the perfect program for them! Thanks to our detailed assessment process, expert instructors, and tailor-made learning plans, every Mathnasium session is unique, created for your student’s exact needs.

Students who start a Mathnasium enrollment with the school year do better in their classes and stay more motivated to succeed as the year goes by. You can read on to find out why!

If you’d prefer to talk to us about our programs, you can also give us a call at 714-696-8951 or schedule a free assessment and consultation with the calendar below. We'll be happy to answer any of your questions!


Beat the Summer Slide!

At the end of each school year, students turn their brains off for the summer--it’s goodbye learning and growing, hello TikTok and video games!

Now, don’t get us wrong: some rest and relaxation is a good thing. But when students come back to school, they face a particular challenge: things they knew well at the end of last school year have disappeared from their memory banks! We call that "the summer slide”.

Can you imagine trying to learn multiplication without remembering your addition facts? Or working on algebra problems without knowing how to use equations? Nightmare!

It’s important to fill these gaps ASAP. Otherwise, your student risks falling behind while school keeps moving. And if the issues never get handled, they’ll only get worse.

Our unique assessment process digs deep into your student’s math knowledge to make sure we tackle exactly what they need. After carefully assessing your student's math skills, we construct a custom-made learning plan that addresses their precise needs. This ensures that we go back over difficult concepts from the past without wasting any time on things they already know!

And if your student’s already ahead of the curve, the assessment will help identify how we can push them forward with maximum efficiency. Want to skip a course? Want your student to be the top of their class this year? Our expert instructors will find the best path to get them there!

An assessment is your student’s first step towards achieving their academic goals. You can schedule yours using the calendar below--then, read on below the jump to see what else our center has to offer.


Keep your student’s perspective positive!


When school starts, most students have mixed feelings. They’re back in class, but they’re also back with friends. They’re at school all day, but at least they have something to do.

But when they start struggling in class? School is now the worst thing on the planet.

And honestly, we get it. Students who struggle in math often feel overwhelmed and lost. They’re working double duty reviewing things they didn’t get the first time and trying to keep up as their class moves on without them.

Before long, some students give up entirely.

It’s all about their perspective.

At Mathnasium, we believe--and see!--that when students get the support they need, their perspective stays positive, and that changes their life!

By support, we don’t just mean an extra hour of studying. We mean a highly trained, expert instructor teaching them in the way that works for them, at a pace that works for them, and ensuring that they truly understand their work.

And by changing their perspective, we don’t just mean helping them feel a little bit better about math. We mean helping them to see that they’re capable of conquering their academic challenges in math and beyond!

We know just how great our students’ abilities are. When they catch sight of just what kinds of great things they’re capable of, they can soar!


We hope it’s clear just how much Mathnasium can change your student’s life this year.

Between our detailed assessment process, tailor-made learning plans, and amazing instruction, we know we can help your student achieve success in math and beyond!

Want to know more? Ready to schedule your free assessment? Give us a call at 714-696-8382, and schedule your free assessment and consultation with the calendar below!