New Year, New Skills!

Feb 11, 2021 | Garden Grove

2021 is finally here! Amidst the hustle and bustle of New Year’s resolutions, here’s why kickstarting your student’s math studies with Mathnasium should be at the top of your list.


1. A new year means a new term!

The new year means students have begun a new term, or they’re about to. Either way, it’s important to start on the right foot!

Students who start behind have a harder time getting on track. They’re responsible for keeping current on their work, on top of making up for their weak start.

And since math builds on itself, students are likely to keep struggling until they’ve really figured out their past materials!

For many students, low grades at end of term were decided by low grades at start of term.

That’s where we come in!

Every Mathnasium student starts with a free, comprehensive assessment. The assessment identifies exactly which concepts they’re struggling with. And it's a great opportunity to meet our staff and see the center!

Instead of just going through a workbook, we get right to the stuff they need and maximize the time we spend. We prime them to hit the new term running!


2. Your student will have plenty of time to achieve their goals!

Helping your student achieve their goals in math can be a long-term project. Usually, the bigger the goal, the longer the process!

For students who have been struggling long-term and students who want to be far ahead of the curve, that could be six months or more! 


Students who are far behind have two challenges: catching up in class, and staying on track. But catching up gets harder and harder since class won’t wait for them to pick up the slack!

For many students, it takes longer than you’d expect. It’s not always as simple as going over the concepts they missed this year. Usually, we have to dig into this past.

For example, if your student struggles with multiplication, they might still be having a hard time with addition. If they struggle with fractions, the real problem might be as far back as their times tables!

Starting a Mathnasium enrollment early in the year gives your student the time they need to fill the gaps and build their confidence before it’s too late. They’ll start the term with confidence and finish the year stronger than ever!


Students aiming to get ahead can achieve so much in a long-term enrollment! In fact, many Mathnasium students skip a whole year of math after working with us!

Students take an entire year for a course in school, but Mathnasium’s self-paced programs allow bright students to soar ahead.

Many students start enrichment with us at the beginning of the calendar year and finish near the end of the school year, right on pace to ace their challenge exams and skip a year of studies!

This has all kinds of benefits from getting on an advanced track, to getting more access to AP classes, to being more competitive for college, to securing college credit! And it’s an option for even our youngest students.


Whatever your student’s goals, we can help achieve them and go beyond!


3. This is the perfect time to start an enrollment!

With about 6 months left in the year, January is the ideal time to start an enrollment at Mathnasium!

While many students see some results in their first month, most unlock their true potential the longer they keep working with us.

Six months is the sweet spot. It’s when many students see maximum results--and it’s perfect timing for end-of-year exams if you start in January or February!

Not to mention, with so many schools still doing distance learning only, many students are aching for some safe, sanitary, socially-distanced in-person activities! We’re taking the utmost precautions to make sure our students stay healthy.

In-person instruction can really make a difference! With students tired and fatigued from staring at screens and listening through headphones all day, a live instructor teaching them in a face-to-face capacity can revolutionize learning.


Now’s the time to get started at Mathnasium!

Your student will have the support they need for the entire remainder of the school year, and they’ll be ready to end it with a bang. What more can you ask for?

You can schedule an assessment using the calendar below. Or, give us a call at 714 696 8382! We'll be happy to give you some more info and get you in our calendar before it fills up.


We can't wait to get working with you!