Summer is Coming!

Apr 26, 2021 | Garden Grove


When school starts back up each fall, students spend up to six weeks relearning the content they forgot over the summer. That loss of knowledge during summer vacation is known as the “Summer Slide.” And with the past hectic year, recent studies have shown that students will probably only retain up to 50% of the math they learned this past year! By taking steps to avoid the learning loss of COVID and summer combined, your child will be ready to learn brand new material instead of trying to catch up during the first few weeks of school.


Conquer learning loss


You can help your students by finding active and engaging ways to practice math at home during their daily lives. Instead of replicating every hour that is done at school at home, focus on your students’ engagement, and not the total amount of hours spent. Activities such as working with money when shopping, helping measure cooking measurements, and even playing math related games provide wonderful opportunities to explore concepts that school might have missed.


With the craziness of this past year though, your student might have a lot more math understanding that needs to be practiced or even relearned. Just a couple of hours per week in Mathnasium’s fun, math-only learning programs will help your child avoid that “Summer Slide” and combat the COVID loss!


Prepare for next year’s material


Your student can also get ahead of the game by previewing new math material for the next year! Starting a new school year in math means new concepts that could be unfamiliar to your child. Your child can start the school year off strong by covering material before the school year even starts! With numerous success stories of students preparing for a new school year and new math concepts, Mathnasium can aid your child to get prepared for any new material! 


At Mathnasium of Garden Grove, our summer program specializes in creative, effective, stress-free ways to teach math in a tailor-made way to your child’s unique needs.


In-depth assessment

Our students start by taking a customized assessment which pinpoints their math needs, allowing us to meet them where they are and to take them where they need to go. These assessments allow us to craft individualized learning plans that avoid wasting time reteaching already mastered concepts. 

When math is tailored for a single student and not a classroom, students begin to enjoy learning and make great strides in their math understanding.

Innovative Curriculum

Skip all of the math drills! They build cramps in students’ hands faster than they build understanding of math. It also isn't the best way to keep kids motivated and interested in math either. Instead, we focus on providing our students with a fun and interesting math program that challenges them to think critically and understand the reasonings behind what they are doing.

Caring Instructors

We are proud of our instructors and they are some of the top instructors when it comes to making math fun and understanding! Our hiring and training processes ensure that each student gets the best math instruction they can get. 

Our instructors work one-to-one with your student to ensure that your child gets the attention, support, and guidance they need to succeed. In addition, they are well versed in mathematics and are ready to help your student with any extra schoolwork/homework that they need assistance with.


@Home option for your convenience!

There are some days when coming in-center just isn't feasible. Whether your schedule is just too busy, the summer heat is too much to handle, or any other reason we have you covered! 


Mathnasium @Home is our flexible distance learning platform that gives the quality instruction you find at our center in the comfort of your home. 


Program Details


Not only will we continue to provide afternoon hours from 2:00 pm to 5 pm weekdays, but we will also be having special summer hours that will take place earlier in the day! Our extra hours will be from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm, and each center will be opened 2 times a week. Check out the hours for each center on the calendar below! Our summertime fun will start on June 14th and end on August 13th!


For Mathnasium @Home, we will be having online hours from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Additionally, all of our students can switch back and forth between both centers and online instruction with no extra cost.




The COVID learning loss and “Summer slide” doesn’t have to cause your student to start the next year on the wrong foot! With summer fun at Mathnasium, your student can beat the learning losses and be prepared for the next school year and beyond! Below shows some of the fun that your student can have at Mathnasium this summer!