Convenience of Mathnasium

Oct 24, 2022 | Menomonee Falls

Convenience of Mathnasium

By Anna, Instructor

Kids and their families have a lot going on in their lives. Between school, practices, lessons, hanging out with friends, and spending time with family, it can be hard to fit in an extra thing such as Mathnasium. Don’t worry! We try our best to make sure Mathnasium is convenient for families so that kids can get the math support that they need.

Short sessions. Mathnasium sessions are only an hour long, with sessions starting each half-hour. This ensures that a Mathnasium session is easy to fit in right after school, or in between practice and dinner.

Online sign up. At Mathnasium, we schedule sessions using an online platform. It is easy to see what times are available for a session and then sign your student up for the time that works best for you and your family. Because we use an online platform for signups, it is easily accessible from practically anywhere.

No set schedule. We understand that your weekly schedule likely changes throughout the year. In the fall, soccer practice might take up a lot of time but it slows down in the winter. The day or time of piano lessons may change after the recital. This is why Mathnasium doesn’t lock you into a set schedule. Your student doesn’t need to commit to coming the same time or even the same day every week. Just sign up when you are available and come in for your session! Although it is recommended that your student attend 2 sessions each week, if one week they are able to attend 1 and then the next week they are able to attend 3 that is great! We want to find a way to make Mathnasium work in your schedule.

Mathnasium@home. If it is too much to drive to the center for a session, we offer an online option. All your student needs is a device with internet access and they can have their Mathnasium session from the comfort of their own home. You still get the same material and trained instructors as in-center. Online is a great option for students that live far away from the center or aren’t able to drive to the center without parents.

To see how we can make Mathnasium fit into your busy schedule call (262) 251-5600 or visit us at N78 W14569 Appleton Avenue, Menomonee Falls.