Mathnasium Improves Confidence

Nov 7, 2022 | Menomonee Falls

Mathnasium Improves Confidence By Anna, Instructor

Something we see a lot at Mathnasium is students who lack confidence in their math skills. It can be hard for people who have struggled with math to believe that they are capable of learning the concepts. This is where Mathnasium comes in. We do our best to make sure that students aren’t just learning math, but learning strategies to help them and improve their confidence.

Independent learning. The Mathnasium method promotes independent learning with instructors there to help if needed. Instructors don’t just tell students the answers, they help guide them to the correct answers, showing them the path of how to get to the answer on their own. When the students go to try a similar problem independently, they know where to start and the steps to follow to get the correct answer. This helps grow their confidence. As students begin to work through problems on their own, they see that they are capable of solving problems independently.

Low stakes learning environment. Another way Mathnasium helps students improve their confidence is by providing a lower stakes learning environment. At Mathnasium there are no grades, students are allowed to work at their own pace, and there are no punishments for getting a question wrong. This environment allows students to feel more comfortable making mistakes and learning from them. Every time a student overcomes a mistake, they learn from it and prove to themselves that they are capable. Through building the confidence in their own problem solving skills, students feel more prepared to attack unfamiliar math problems.

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