Having Fun at Mathnasium

Oct 17, 2022 | Menomonee Falls

Having Fun at Mathnasium

By Anna, Instructor

What do we do to keep kids happy and engaged in their learning? Lots of fun activities!

Fun Days. Each day is something different and fun at Mathnasium. Coordinating with national holidays, such as National Chocolate Cupcake Day and National Scavenger Hunt Day, new treats or activities are waiting for students when they come in. This gives students something to look forward to when they are coming to Mathnasium.

Wheel Spin. If you ever come into Mathnasium near the end of the month, you will most likely see a lot of excited students spinning the giant wheel in the back of the center. Every time a student attends 8 sessions in a month, they get to spin the wheel for extra punch cards. They can win a varying amount of cards, from 1 to 10. It is something that students can look forward to and a reward for their hard work and dedication to Mathnasium.

Plinko. A new activity in the center is the Plinko board that the students get to play after completing a mastery check. Depending on where the chip lands, they can earn extra punches!

Estimation contest. Every month, there is a container filled with an unknown number of objects. The student who guesses the closest number to the actual amount wins a prize!

Who Am I? In the back of the center, there is a post with various clues about either an instructor or a famous mathematician. The students use the clues to guess who the person is for some extra punches.

Riddle of the Week. Each week, there is a new riddle for students to solve for an extra punch. They have to pick which item doesn’t belong with the others and tell an instructor why they chose that item. This provides a quick, easy way for students to take a break during their session.

Problem of the Week. Divided up by grade levels, there are 3 problems every week that students can solve for extra punches and to be entered into a raffle. Problem of the Week is a great way for students to take a quick break from their work but still be engaged in doing math.

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