Finding Motivation to do Math

Nov 18, 2022 | Menomonee Falls

Finding Motivation to do Math By Anna, Instructor

Each student has a different reason for coming to Mathnasium. Some need homework help. Others want to fill knowledge gaps. Some want to challenge themselves because they love math. No matter what the reason for a student coming to Mathnasium, it is important that they are motivated to put in the work and achieve their goals, so how do we motivate students?

Intrinsic Motivation. Some students are motivated intrinsically, whether that be their interest in math or their desire to improve their skills. At Mathnasium, we try to support students who are intrinsically motivated by providing them with the material that they need and want to learn.

Extrinsic Motivation. For students that are motivated extrinsically, Mathnasium has a reward system. After every page a student completes, they get a punch on a card. Once the card is full, they are allowed to spend it to “buy” a prize. According to a study done by Cornell, immediate rewards are a beneficial way to increase interest in a task. By giving students a reward (a punch) after every page that they do, Mathnasium is rewarding students immediately for their work. The punch card system is a big motivator for many students and earning punches helps them focus on learning math.

Whether your student is intrinsically or extrinsically motivated, Mathnasium is committed to finding a motivation system that works for each student.

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