Filling Learning Gaps

Oct 4, 2022 | Menomonee Falls

The Importance of Filling Learning Gaps

By Anna, Instructor

Math is a subject that builds on itself. There is division in
algebra, addition in geometry, trigonometry in calculus, and
many more instances of one math concept in another. It is
vital for students to understand and master those
foundational skills so that they can learn higher level math.
Mathnasium can help students fill in gaps in their knowledge
of foundational skills so that they will be able to better
grasp higher level concepts.

Before a learning plan is developed, each student takes a
diagnostic assessment to determine what concepts they
understand and which concepts they need to work on. We work
to ensure that students have mastered the skills they need to
build on before moving on to higher level math. Mathnasium is
not just a place for students to work on the skills that they
are learning in school, but a place that can help them master
skills that they didn’t in school, making math easier for
them in the long run.

Call (262) 251-5600 or visit us at N78 W14569 Appleton
Avenue, Menomonee Falls to see how we can help your child
fill in gaps in their foundational math skills.