Homework Help at Mathnasium

Sep 22, 2022 | Menomonee Falls

Homework Help at Mathnasium

By Anna, Instructor

Math homework is a struggle for many students and their parents. Mathnasium aims to alleviate some of the stress and confusion that comes with homework. Our trained instructors provide homework help to students in a way that makes sense to them. Many of our instructors are or recently were students themselves, so they know how it feels to be overwhelmed by homework. Here are just some of the ways that Mathnasium helps students with their homework.

Checking answers. Oftentimes, homework answers are not given until the next day in class, or whenever the homework is due. At Mathnasium, our instructors can check over a student’s answers right away and have them correct something if it is wrong. This helps prevent students from continuing to do something the wrong way. Without a simple correction, a student might have to unlearn the wrong way that they were doing something, and relearn the correct way. This can be prevented by having an instructor double check answers before a student moves on to a new problem.

Answering questions. Because homework is sent home with students, if they have a question they often can’t ask their teacher before the work is due. This is where Mathnasium can be really beneficial. If a student has a question on a problem, they can ask an instructor for help! This reduces the amount of time that students spend confused and frustrated while doing homework. When students feel supported in their learning, they are less likely to hate math.

Extra practice. If an instructor notices that a student could use some more practice on a skill that is given in the homework, they can make up new problems or communicate with the center director to provide more support for the student. Math is something that makes more sense the more practice you get. Sometimes students don’t feel that they are getting enough practice just from their homework, and Mathnasium helps them feel more confident in their skills.

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