How Mathnasium Helps Stop the Summer Slide

Mar 23, 2022 | Menomonee Falls

How Mathnasium Helps Stop the Summer Slide

By Chloe, Instructor


As the summer approaches and students have a long break, a lot of students' learning gets lost because there is minimal to none classroom time spent within the summer months. A study in the American Education Journal states, “52% of students lost an average of 39% of their total school year gains during the summer months.” This study goes to show a common trend: a major learning loss usually will occur during the summer if no learning is taking place.


Although the summer slide is very prevalent to a student's learning, there is a way to help students stay on track even in summer. Research shows that loss of learning in the summer can lead to less self confidence, lower test scores, and a lower chance of high school and college success. The Mathnasium of Menomonee Falls will help your student stay on track and reach success and achieve goals throughout the summer. Instructors at Mathnasium are there to help offer activities and goals throughout the summer for any student regardless of where they are at. 


Manipulatives, tricks, and games are also used not only to help students understand an easier way of comprehending mathematical concepts, but to also show students that math can be fun! Staying familiar with the math material will expand their confidence for next year's math curriculum. 


A pleased parent talked about her gratitude towards Mathnasium, “Signing up for Mathnasium was the best thing I did. He started to become more excited with math again and found love for it once more. This is all thanks to the lovely staff working there, helping him get back in shape with math so that he can be doing his best during a difficult time.”


Signing your child up for Mathnasium will keep them on track throughout the year. Both your student and yourself will ultimately be thankful that they were able to improve their math skills during the summer and avoid the summer slide that many other students experience. 


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