How Menomonee Falls Instructors Can Help Your Child Excel

Dec 7, 2020 | Menomonee Falls

How Menomonee Falls Instructors Can Help Your Child Excel

By Instructors Madelyn and Anna


1. Our instructors meet each child where they’re at. There is no one way to teach and learn math. At Mathnasium, work is specifically chosen to help your child with the skills that they need most. Instructors also find the unique method of learning that works best with your child and curate their Mathnasium experience to what each child needs.


2. Our instructors guide students to understand math processes, even when it’s tricky.  They won’t feed your child the answers when the math gets tough. Instead, Mathnasium instructors use a method called Socratic Questioning to guide your child to the right answer - they ask a series of questions, guiding the student to use prior knowledge to understand new concepts and find the answer. Our instructors also help your students build problem-solving strategies for when we’re not right there to help them, encouraging independence and critical thinking.


3. Our instructors create personal connections with each student. We believe that getting to know your child as a person is as important as understanding their learning habits. At Mathnasium, we start each session by asking how the students are doing, which better enables us to give your child the exact help they need on any given day. Our instructors form relationships with students based on mutual interests and shared experiences, and they care about each child individually.