How to Keep Up Math Skills Over Break

Dec 21, 2020 | Menomonee Falls

How to Keep Up Math Skills Over Break

    Do you see your child’s math skills decline over the holiday break? Don’t worry! We have some fun ways to practice math and keep those math skills sharp until they go back to school!


  1. Do your own kitchen conversions; while doing your holiday baking, try to do your own conversions, like tablespoons to teaspoons or ounces to pounds, instead of looking it up on the Internet! This is a great way to practice proportional thinking in the real world!


  1. Play fun board games involving math; make math fun with games for the whole family that involve math and logic, like Farkle, Yahtzee, or Dominoes. See our previous blog post for a large list of fun math games and books!


  1. Have your child help out with shopping finances; take your child with you to do your holiday shopping! Have them calculate total cost, percentage off, or figure out the amount of change you will get back. This keeps up their money, multiplication, addition, and subtraction skills, as well as real-world critical thinking skills.


We hope these tips and tricks help your child stay sharp over the holiday break!

Happy Holidays from Mathnasium of Menomonee Falls!