Schools and Teachers are Part of the Mathnasium Team

Sep 15, 2022 | Menomonee Falls

Schools and Teachers are Part of the Mathnasium Team By Anna, Instructor

There are many things that go into ensuring that a student is able to be successful. Their teachers are a big part of their learning, and at Mathnasium our goal is to work together with teachers to figure out how we can best support the student.

Mathnasium works to establish a relationship with the teachers of our students. We frequently send email updates and show teachers appreciation for all that they do. Especially when working with students on homework, or preparing them for a test, it is important for us to know what they have been taught and what they are expected to know. It is much easier for us to build off of knowledge that the student already has if we know what concepts they are already familiar with. When preparing a student for a test, it is vital that we know what they are expected to be able to do. Without that knowledge, we may under prepare them or have them practicing skills that they won’t need. Communicating with their teachers is very beneficial to establishing expectations.

The way that we feel that teachers are an important resource, we want to make sure that they feel that Mathnasium can help them support their students. If a teacher notices that a student is struggling with a specific skill, they can reach out to Mathnasium and we can work with the student on that skill. Communication helps us better individualize our instruction for each specific student. It is also very beneficial to the student to get extra support on the things that they are struggling with.

By working together with teachers, we can provide the help that the student needs. Communication is vital to ensuring that the student gets the best support, both from their teacher and from Mathnasium!

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