Tips for the Start of School

Sep 2, 2022 | Menomonee Falls

Tips for the Start of School

By Anna, Instructor

As summer comes to an end, thoughts of the school year start
to occupy the minds of students and parents. Many parents
start worrying about what supplies they need to buy, what
their student’s new class will be like, and how they can best
support their student in the transition from summer to
school. We don’t have all the answers, but here are some tips
for the start of school!

Develop a routine. As students move away from a carefree
summer into the school year, it can be helpful to develop
routines for school-related tasks. For example, doing
homework at a certain time of day (whether right after
school, after dinner, or some other time) can make the task
of doing homework less daunting. If homework is seen as just
part of a routine, it is more approachable for students than
if it is something they have to initiate doing when they feel
like it.

Keep up to date on assignments. Especially for middle and
high school students, it can be easy to fall behind once one
assignment is missed. Although keeping up on assignments can
feel like a lot of work, it is way more manageable than
having to do a bunch of late assignments all at once. In
addition, although it might not feel like it, homework is
helpful in reinforcing the concepts that you learn in class.
It provides good practice on the skills that you are expected
to know and build off of.

Ask for help. If you are struggling to stay on top of all
that the school year brings, make sure to ask for help.
Teachers, administrators, and Mathnasium are all here to make
sure that you have a successful year of learning!

Good luck this school year!