7 Reasons To Seek Maths Help Before School Starts

Jun 3, 2024

It’s a widely known fact that strong maths skills are vital for success in secondary school, university, and beyond. Unfortunately, this hard truth causes an undue amount of anxiety and stress in students who have not yet been taught maths in a way that makes sense to them. And, quite often, there are no clear signs that they’re struggling. So when is the best time to get maths help for your child? As soon as the school year begins (if not sooner!). Here are seven good reasons why:

1. Sometimes individual instruction is necessary to get a good grasp on maths.

The only way to do well in maths throughout secondary school and beyond is to truly understand the concepts. While some students are able to get by in the early years through memorisation, this won’t work as the material becomes more advanced. A qualified, caring instructor can give students the individual attention they need to develop a deep understanding of maths and ultimately become high achievers.

2. Any gaps need to be addressed right away.

Many students have learning gaps in their maths foundation that prevent them from reaching their potential. Because maths concepts build on each other, these gaps need to be addressed and remedied before students take on new material in order to keep from falling further behind as the school year progresses. This is where a maths-learning programme with a structured approach backed by a proven curriculum will be most effective.

3. Some maths knowledge is generally lost over the summer.

Speaking of learning gaps, have you heard of the “summer learning loss?” On average, children lose 8 weeks of maths skills during the summer months if they aren’t involved in a summer maths programme. This means they may be starting the school year a little behind where they left off. Getting them the maths help they need right away will reinforce concepts they’re encountering early in the year and introduce them to new ones, so they’re on the right track for a successful school year.

4. Confidence in maths leads to confidence in other subjects.

When students are able to solve maths problems, they feel a tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment. A good instructor will help a child challenge and exercise their own mind. As comprehension increases, the child’s enthusiasm for maths grows and they develop confidence, not only in maths but in all of their classes. This can be life-changing for a child, so why not get them on the right path now?

5. Just doing okay means they could be doing better.

Sometimes it isn’t obvious that your child could use maths help. You may even have accepted that they’re just “average” maths students. But all students are capable of being good at maths if they’re given the right kind of individual instruction. When they start believing this themselves, there’s no reason why they can’t be high achievers.

6. If maths class is too easy, it’s time for more advanced concepts.

Students who already excel in maths have a wonderful opportunity to expand their skills beyond what they’re learning in the classroom. By mastering complex concepts, they can reach higher maths levels and unlock their true potential The right kind of supplemental maths help will show them all the doors that being good at maths can open.

7. Now is the time to prepare for exams.

Students who are in year 11 shouldn’t wait until the last minute to get GCSE-prep help. To get the best results in their exams, students need to truly understand the maths, not cheat themselves by relying on test-taking strategies. The sooner they can get targeted maths help for their GCSEs, the more prepared they’ll be. Mathnasium students get results.

As you weigh up the different options for supplemental maths help, consider enrolling your child in a maths-learning programme with a history of setting children on the right path toward academic success. The curriculum and methodology at Mathnasium Learning Centres have been proven through the achievements of over a million students.

Mathnasium’s proprietary teaching method — the Mathnasium MethodTM — has been transforming the way children learn and appreciate maths since 2002. It does more than just raise their grades and scores — it teaches them to think critically, solve problems, and work independently — skills that go beyond the classroom and last a lifetime. Students are assessed individually and given a customised learning plan detailing the specific type of maths help they need. Attentive, highly trained maths instructors will teach your child face-to-face at the pace that’s right for them. And both in-centre and online tutoring in maths is available. Whether they’re struggling at maths, wanting to jump ahead, needing to be challenged, or looking for exam-prep help, your child will get the individual attention they need to achieve great things.

No matter where you decide to turn for maths tutoring, the key is not to wait. Get them started right away, so they can enjoy the school year ahead with confidence and a positive outlook.

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