Great Foundations for Early Learners

Give Your 4-6-Year-Old the Right Foundation in Maths

Mathnasium's early years maths tutoring will give them the critical thinking, problem-solving and number sense skills to prepare them for their school years and beyond.

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Wonderful, dedicated, friendly management and teaching stuff!!! Special thank you to Anna, David and Ali!!!


Helped our son expand his maths knowledge. He finds it exciting to go each time!

Rakesh Patel

An early start in maths can change the course of your child’s life.

By making our maths tutoring for younger children fun and engaging, we cultivate their love of learning while also developing their ability to work independently.

An early start in maths can change the course of your child’s life

We provide specially-trained maths tutors for children from four to six years old who make learning maths fun while introducing concepts that will help them get prepared for primary school maths and beyond.

Early maths ability is one of the best predictors of children's later success in school.

Global Family Research Project, August 2017

Start developing those maths muscles early

Our Great Foundations materials support our youngest learners in developing the skills and concepts they need to succeed with the maths curriculum.
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Custom-Built Curriculum, Face-to-Face Instruction

We have carefully selected topics that build upon each other, laying the groundwork for the maths concepts they'll encounter later in school. Our caring, highly-trained maths tutors for children:

  • Teach at the perfect pace for each child
  • Include games and manipulatives to teach off the page
  • Build confidence through compassion and encouragement


of Mathnasium parents report an improvement in their child’s maths skills and understanding



of Mathnasium parents report improved attitude towards maths after attending Mathnasium



of Mathnasium students saw an improvement in their school grades

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact your local Mathnasium Learning Centre with any questions you may have about our early years maths tutoring. Here are some of the more common ones we get:

  • How can I start teaching my child maths even before they enter school?

    Parents can serve as maths tutors for children by incorporating maths concepts into everyday life and spotting numbers when out and about. Introducing simple, foundational maths can include activities like counting with your child, playing with blocks to improve spatial reasoning and comparing different objects or groups.

  • Is there a way to tell that my child needs maths help before they go to Primary school?

    Some signs that your child needs help with pre-maths concepts during their Foundation Stage years include not being able to understand changes in quantities or count. They may have trouble choosing which shapes are larger or smaller than others.

    Every child is different and learns at their own pace, but if you have concerns about whether your child needs maths help, early years maths tutoring such as our great Foundations Programme can identify and resolve concerns.

  • How can I prepare my child for primary school maths?

    One of the best ways to prepare your child is to enrol them in maths tutoring for younger children. At home, you can read books with them that build simple concepts. Many board games for young children also involve some element of maths.

    Point out ideas about position, direction, size, shape, and space with items around the house. Present them with simple “problems” involving numbers and help them solve them at home to supplement instruction from maths tutors for children.

  • Can you get your child a maths tutor in Foundation Stage?

    Yes! By making learning fun at this very early age, early years maths tutoring can help to nurture a passion for learning and set up a base for self-confidence and independence with maths in Key Stage 1. Mathnasium has specially trained maths tutors for children as young as four years old.

  • How can I make sure my child is prepared to enter Year 1?

    Your child should have a healthy grasp of several pre- maths skills. These include concepts like number sense, measurements, counting, patterns, shape identification, and spatial relations.

    They should recognise the simple ways that quantities change as well as the connections between numbers and items. Your child will be prepared for Year 1 if they understand the concept of more or less as well as estimating. Our Great Foundations Programme is an incredible way to support your little one in Foundation Stage!

  • What are some ways to introduce early years maths into everyday life?

    You can introduce maths into every day by talking about patterns your child comes across in architecture or nature. Taking a “shape walk” is a fun idea, and you can encourage comparisons. Ask your child to think out loud about their problem-solving adventures. If they are in a programme for early years maths tutoring, ask them questions about what they learned each session.

    Above all else, make every introduction fun to help them remain engaged. Short, simple activities are key.

  • How can I start teaching my Reception child basic maths skills?

    A great way to teach basic maths skills is through play. Role-play in areas like pretend kitchens and grocery stores. Use collections from nature to teach them to sort and analyse groups. Encourage them to use sculpting clay, help them draw maps, and let them help you measure for baking.

    The most important thing is to make maths fun. Our maths tutors for children are specially trained to incorporate fun into all maths lessons.

  • How do I know Mathnasium is right for my child?

    Our Great Foundations Evaluation allow us and you decide if Mathnasium is right for your child. If they’re not yet ready for our programme we can arrange a time to follow up when they have had a bit more school experience.


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