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Our Customised Maths Learning Plans meet students where they are and set them on a path to success

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Mathnasium creates a personalised maths learning path for each individual

Does your child excel in maths and needs more of a challenge?

Mathnasium will give your child the opportunity to advance beyond their current level through a deeper understanding of topics.

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Does your child do okay in maths but not as well as they could?

Mathnasium's maths tutoring programme will give your child the motivation and tools to thrive at their current level and reach for higher goals.

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Does your child find learning maths frustrating and a struggle?

Mathnasium's customised maths learning plan will catch your child up to where they should be and help them reach their true potential.

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You'll see a change in more than just their maths skills

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We also offer these other great programmes:

11+ Test Prep

We provide test-prep help to students by developing and applying maths knowledge, not test tricks.

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Homework Help

We provide personalised maths learning including homework help at all levels within each session.

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Early Years

We build a strong maths foundation for 4-6-year-olds to get them started on the right path.

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  • Find any learning gaps
  • Help them develop good study habits
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