How To Beat The Summer Learning Loss!

Jun 5, 2024

Did you know that children typically lose 2-3 months of maths skills over the summer months? It’s called the summer learning loss, and it’s a concern for several reasons.

Not only will a child return to school unprepared to learn new material, but the loss can be cumulative over the years, which can lead to lower school performance and a decline in confidence. The good news is that children who keep up their maths skills over the break can beat the summer learning loss and feel ready for what’s to come at the start of the new school year in September.

Enrolling your child in a summer maths programme is an excellent way to do this. A good one will reinforce their maths knowledge from the previous year and introduce new concepts as your child progresses. And because it’s summer, they’ll be less tired and better able to focus without the distraction of other lessons and school activities.

Summer at Mathnasium is ideal as it offers personalised, face-to-face instruction taught by highly trained maths tutors in a fun and engaging environment. Each child receives a customised learning plan based on a comprehensive assessment that will pinpoint their strengths, their areas for improvement and any gaps in their learning that need to be addressed before being faced with new material at the start of the autumn term.

Mathnasium’s summer programme is convenient for parents and families, as it’s available both in-centre and can be scheduled around summer activities, sports, and holiday plans. And it’s a fun and engaging activity all on its own!

Maths-focused games and activities are incorporated into the learning in a lively and supportive atmosphere for a truly enjoyable summer experience. Each child is taught in the way they learn best, so they’re able to develop a love for maths and achieve their goals. And because they’re having fun, they’re likely to have gained a new level of enthusiasm for the subject and be more eager to apply themselves when school begins.

Mathnasium is also a great place for students who already excel at maths to reach even higher levels during the summer. Instructors are trained to move them forward at an accelerated pace, so they’ll enjoy challenges that they might not find in the classroom. It’s a wonderful opportunity to explore new avenues where maths can take them, and for them to progress towards their maximum potential.

You can also reinforce your child’s maths knowledge at home and while you’re out enjoying your favourite summer activities together. Encouraging your child to read books that weave in maths concepts while igniting your child’s imagination is one way to do this. Taking a trip to a science museum, keeping stats during the Euros and the Olympics, and creating a budget for money they’ve earned are some other great ways to make maths part of your daily lives and enhance critical thinking maths skills.

To enroll your child in a summer programme at Mathnasium, call or visit your local learning centre today!


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