Angles, Symbols, and Signs!

Jan 17, 2024 | Altrincham

Angles, symbols, and signs are everywhere in Mathematics!

From inequality symbols and basic computation to Geometry, maths is everywhere! It's amazing how maths can be applied to real-life situations.

Consider your day so far - Have you measured ingredients when baking cakes? Judged the velocity of vehicles to ensure it's safe to cross a road? Even reading a clock to ensure you're at school pick-up on time is maths!

Speaking of signs, we're happy to say that our Mathnasium signage will be going up next Tuesday, 23rd January! Keep a look out for us on Stamford New Road in Altrincham, and pop in to say hi if you haven't already.

We are open now for free assessments and trial sessions! Over 30 parents have booked free assessments with us this past week, and our calendar is filling up fast. If you haven't already, you can reach out to us today to schedule your child's appointment. We'd love to meet you and your child.

We can unlock your child's potential with maths through a tailored curriculum, and help your child develop a love for maths, with our focus being an increase in confidence and long-term success - Contact Josh and the team today to learn more.

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