Let's swim on the deepest oceans and meet our problems of the week.

Jun 9, 2020 | Chiswick

Level A: Years 1-3 Question: A whale shark weighs 20 tonnes. A car weighs 2 tonnes. How many cars weigh the same as a whale shark? 

Level B: Years 3-6 Question: A baby green sea turtle weighs 100g. A fully grown green sea turtle weighs 700 kg. How many times heavier is the fully grown green sea turtle than the baby green sea turtle? 

Level C: Years 6-8 Question: A blue coral and a black coral are the same size. The blue coral grows at a rate of 3 millimeters per year. The black coral grows 8 centimeters per year. How much bigger will the black coral be than the blue coral in 100 years?

Level D: Year 9+ Question: Flying fish can jump out of the water and “fly” through the air to avoid predators. A flying fish’s distance from the water’s surface in metres can be calculated with the function f(t) = – 5t 2 + 15t, in which t is the number of seconds the fish is out of the water. How high above the water is the fish after 1 1/2 seconds?


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