Problems of the week

Oct 25, 2018 | North Oxford

Year 1-2:

Question:  A plane has 9 seats in each row. In the first row, there is a man sitting in the first seat, a woman in the second seat, and another man in the third seat. If this pattern repeats for the whole row, how many men are in the row?


Year 3-4:

Question: A plane leaves Toronto at 10:30 am heading to Vancouver. If the flight is 5½ hours long, what time will it be in Vancouver when it lands? (Toronto is 3 hours ahead of Vancouver.)


Year 4-5:

Question:  The ratio of child to adult passengers on a plane is 15:16. There is a total of 217 passengers on the flight. How many passengers are adults?


Year 7+:

Question:  It takes 3 hours for a plane to travel 2742 kilometres with the wind. Flying against the wind, the plane can travel 2406 kilometres in the same amount of time. What is the speed of the plane in still air? What is the speed of the wind?