Maths help outside school

Dec 3, 2018 | North Oxford

According to 2017-18 MEI Annual Review, the national shortage of well-qualified teachers of maths at all levels continued to be a major concern. In 2018, the government’s training target for secondary maths teachers was missed by 21%; only 46% of secondary maths teachers held a relevant degree; and only 50% remained in state-funded schools five years after starting. 

Since opening in September this year, Mathnasium North Oxford has already helped dozens of children, from both primary and secondary schools, improve and enhance their maths learning. The calming and engaging learning atmosphere at the Centre makes doing maths more like a fun activity than just ‘extra maths tuition’.
Is your child struggling with maths or not getting enough maths at school? Why not come to the Centre and take a risk-free assessment on offer and see if we could help where school is struggling…..Call today to book your appointment: 01865 655968