Summer at Mathnasium!

Jun 21, 2022 | Amersham
The school year is coming to an end, and people are getting ready to begin a summer full of warm weather activities. One thing that often gets left on the side over the summer is education - after all, school is over! In order to keep up in Maths, our summer programmes are designed to prevent your child forgetting the maths skills needed to succeed in the new school year.
Summer at Mathnasium is full of Maths, games and fun - all designed to help your child enjoy maths. Helping them gain confidence and ability over the summer will give them a chance to hit the ground running when they return to school.  Sessions are unscheduled and can be used any time we’re open, 6 days a week, making the programme flexible to your needs, in-centre and online are available.
Contact us to find out more about our summer programme, and help them beat the summer slide!
01494 729 726