Summer Programme

Jun 11, 2019 | Clapham

We help prevent Summer learning loss which we call the Summer Slide, at Mathnasium we help you stop the Summer Slide by keeping your child’s maths knowledge up over the summer and getting them ahead for the next school year!  We make maths make sense in fun and interesting ways, whether that’s direct tutoring or playing maths and logic games. 

From 15 July – 31 August we have extended opening hours as follows:

Mon-Thur 1:30-6:30; Friday 10-12; Saturday 11-3;

You don’t need to pre-book, once you’ve had your assessment attendance is flexible – drop in when you like, as often as you like (maximum once per day!) and you can choose to have either a 60 minute session or a 90 minute session, with the extra 30 minutes focussing on maths & logic games.

Our centre is on 122 Northcote Road, SW11

Packages vary, book before 29th June for an early bird discount!

Bookings by phone on 0207 0787 000.

Stopping mathematical regression over the holiday, improve overall math and numeracy skills, develop critical thinking skills and prepare for exams (7+, 11+, entrance tests, GCSE etc).