Best Great Foundations!

Nov 2, 2023 | Fulham

At our recent convention in July 2023, Mathnasium of Fulham won the award for the best Great Foundations programme in the entire Mathnasium network! We're incredibly proud of this achievement and would like to thank all of our wonderful staff for their hard work in delivering such an excellent programme for our younger children. The Great Foundations programme was designed to help those in the early stages of their mathematical journey to get a head start to some introductory ideas. The programme blends tactile, visual and verbal modes of learning and, as appropriate, introduces mental and written methods. Many of our students go on to continue their studies with us and the programme has given them a huge step up when it comes to the more "traditional" mathematical work. And the best thing is they enjoy it! Get in contact with us to learn more! Well done to Team Fulham!

So if your child is aged 4-6 and you would like to give them the best head-start to their Mathematical Journey get in touch for a free assessment and to find out more!