Summer with Mathnasium

Summer at Mathnasium keeps maths skills strong.

The expression "use it or lose it" applies to maths knowledge too. On average, students lose 2.6 months of what they've learned in maths over the school summer holiday. Summer at Mathnasium is the answer.

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Unlock your child's potential this summer with our engaging and effective programmes. Want to learn more about our summer sessions? Scroll below for details or give us a call today.

Summer Calendar

This summer, we are teaming up with Vicars Moor Lawn Tennis Club to offer a Maths and Tennis Camp!
More than Just Maths
Ace Your Maths and Tennis This Summer! Our Mathnasium Summer sessions build up a child’s Maths Knowledge and prepare them for the school year ahead! And this year you can combine learning with sport with our unique collaboration with Tennis Rocks! Alongside our Maths Summer Sessions, you can upgrade to a full day camp which will include a Tennis camp for the rest of the day. For a half-day camp focused on Maths only, prices start at £35 per day. For a full-day camp that includes both Maths and Tennis, prices start at £60 per day.
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Mathnasium Summer Sessions!

Summer is the ideal time to improve your child's Maths skills ahead of the start of the September term; accelerate their progress and fill any skills gaps with Mathnasium.

Mathnasium's bespoke Learning Plans are proven to improve grades and help children catch up and get ahead in Maths. With live face- to-face tuition, either in-centre or online.

And don't worry - your child will still enjoy their summer. Because we make learning Maths fun.

Combined with Tennis Rocks

The sessions will be run by Paul a Level 4 coach and is Head Coach of Vicars Moor LTC.

During each session your child will play tennis-based games and develop their ABCs – Agility, Balance and Coordination! It is a wonderful introduction to tennis and sport in general. 

Your child will benefit from improved agility, balance, coordination, ball skills, fitness, and learning the essentials of tennis. They will have fun, build self-confidence, develop their social skills, and lay the foundations for listening and learning ahead of starting school.

A typical session would include:

  • A cheerful welcome
  • Balance Exercises: To improve stability and quickness
  • Coordination Activities: To enhance hand-eye coordination
  • Racket Work: Working on a different shot daily
  • Some fun games!

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions to resolve basic outstanding concerns without speaking to someone.

  • What time does the camp start from?


  • If I am a current member at Mathnasium, is there an additional fee for the Summer Camp?

    No! It's Completely Free with your Membership!

  • Are there Sibling Discounts Available?

    Yes! There is!

  • Do you offer an NHS Discount?

    Yes we do! For more information, speak to a manager.

  • What ages are suitable for the camp?

    Reception right through to GCSE

  • Does my child have to do Tennis or can they just do Maths?

    You can choose whether you want to include Tennis in your camp or not!

Watch Them Soar

Malachi moved from finger-counting to being able to do sums in his head. What's more, his grandmother says "He comes out and he's really happy!"
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Our Method Gets Results

The proven Mathnasium Method™ builds the foundation for maths mastery through deep understanding.

  • Individual Assessment
  • Customised Learning Plan
  • Face to Face Instruction
  • Proprietary Curriculum


of parents report an improvement in their child’s maths skills and understanding



of parents report improved attitude towards maths after attending Mathnasium



of students saw an improvement in their school grades

Make the most of summer, and get the autumn term off to a great start

Mathnasium helps students:
  • Retain their maths knowledge
  • Gain an advantage for the coming school year
  • Apply maths in fun and engaging ways

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